Small 5lbs- 22lbs

$30-$35 and up

Maltese, Yorkie, Bichon, Schnauzer, Shih Tzu, pug, etc.

Medium/large 23lbs- 60lb


$35-$40 and up

 Bulldog, Labrador, Boxer, Shiba Inu, Doberman, Pit Bull, etc.

Medium/Large 23lbs-60lbs


$40-$65 and up

Australian Shepherd, Cocker spaniel, Golden retriever, Boarder Collie, German Shepherd, Rottweiler etc. 

Extra large/ thick coats

$65-$85 and up

Great Pyrenees, Large Shepard,  Large Doodles, Husky

Standard poodles

$40-$55 and up

Includes Feet, Face, Tail and Topknot trim.

*All prices subject to change. Prices vary depending on your pets coat condition, haircut, frequency of grooming and temperament.

Feel free to call or stop by for an estimate!

1920 Shadowridge Drive. #108 Vista, Ca. 92081


Please understand we love to make your pet look fabulous and sometimes it takes a while to get things just perfect. We don't want the pets to feel rushed or stressed.

All groom and pick up times are approximate.

-Bath prices include de-shedding and/or touch up trimming, depending on your dogs breed and coat needs. Limitations apply, ask your groomer for details.

Full service cat Bathing


Bath, brush out, ears cleaned,

nails trimmed, sanitary trim.

Prices start at $45*

(and pets)
love us

*Prices vary depending on coat condition and temperament
All cat grooming is cat permitting
For cat grooming, please call us for an appointment.

Full Service Grooming


Bath, brush out, full haircut,

nails trimmed and filed (pup permitting),

ears cleaned and plucked, glands expressed.


Cat Grooming

Dog Grooming

Full service cat Grooming

Bath, brush out, lion cut/haircut, ears cleaned, nails trimmed.

Prices start at $65*

What We Offer

Small 5lbs-22lbs

$50-$55 and up

Maltese, Small Poodle, Yorkie, Shih Tzu, Mini Schnauzer, etc.

Medium 23lbs- 35lbs

$55-$65 and up

Cocker Spaniel, Bichon, Schnauzer, Scottie, Westie, Lhasa Apso, Mini Australian Shepherd

Medium/Large 35lbs- 60lbs

$70-$75 and up

Medium Golden Retriever, Boarder Collie, Wheaten, Australian Sheprhed, etc.

Extra large-Thick coats

$75-$100 and up

Doodles, Bouvier, Sheepdog, Large Golden Retriever, ​Newfies

Standard Poodles

$70-$90 and up

Full service groom

-"Express" service-- for an earlier pick up and uninterrupted grooming service.........additional $20

 When you bring your pet in to Doggone Good Grooming, you are bringing them to a salon that is passionate about grooming and providing quality service in a relaxing environment. Whether your fuzzy friend needs a light trim or a full shave down, our groomers have mastered virtually every style. We are known for our scissoring techniques, creative styling, and making pets look doggone good.

Good grooming takes time, and different dogs have different needs.

Please allow at least 4 hours

for your pets services. 

For a sooner pick up,"Express service" is available for an additional $20, plus the regular service price. , Express service must be requested when appointment is made.

Doggone Good Grooming

Full Service Bathing

Bath, brush out, nails trimmed and filed (pup permitting), ears cleaned and plucked, anal glands expressed, face, sanitary and paws trimmed.

  • Full service dog and cat grooming
  • Top quality pet shampoos and conditioners included in grooming prices--No hidden fees!
  • We cater to all dogs and cats and have no breed restrictions.
  • Every haircut is hand scissor finished

Additional services

-Teeth brushing.......................$5

-Ear cleaning Only...............$10

-Anal glands only..................$15

-Nail trim and file (pup permitting)..............................$15

-Cat Nail Trim..........................$15